Making anything is always going to be collaborative in nature, however, this page is dedicated to specific projects/artists that I had the pleasure of contributing original music to or performing on. Please check them out and enjoy.

Baeilou/Inside Under E.P.

I had the pleasure of performing percussion sounds on this wonderful e.p. by my friend Mia. Being a killer cellist, it was her vision to have me use the body of her cello as the percussion instrument. So in early 2018 I came into the studio with all sorts of mallets and brushes and sticks and we took each song at a time, trying new things and getting as many crazy percussion sounds out of her cello that we could.

Nellie Fitzgerald/Lightness

In the summer of 2016 I was asked by Boston based singer/songwriter Nellie Fitzgerald to write and record a string quartet part to accompany one of her songs on an upcoming album release. The song is titled "Lightness", and I teamed up with Friction Quartet and sound engineer Zach Miley for the project. You can hear the track Lightness, on her debut album when it drops late 2017.

Here's some behind the scenes from the recording session. 


More collaborations coming soon...