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Taylor Joshua Rankin (b. 1991) is a filmmaker and composer of new music where he draws on a variety of influences from American and European minimalism, to art-rock, and electronica, currently based in San Francisco and Oakland, CA.

Taylor’s artistic interests stem from a creative curiosity and thematic narrative exploration, with an interest in illuminating timbres that ignite and exist on an emotional level, as well as an engaging and sonically provocative one.

Taylor's music has been performed by ensembles across the United States, such as Grammy-Award-winning ensemble Third Coast Percussion, Friction Quartet, and the NYU Marimba Ensemble. Taylor's music has been programmed by the Current's concert series in Chicago, Abchordis Ensemble at Festival Stradella in Italy, Tutti Festival at Denison University, Composers Inc., the Presidio Club, The San Francisco Conservatory of Music Orchestra, New York University, California State University East Bay, PoP Up Magazine’s 2018 season in DC, NY, LA, Portland, Toronto, and Chicago, as well as the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Hot Air Music Festivals.

Taylor recently premiered a new chamber work for the Abchordis Ensemble at the Baroque Festival of Alessandro Stradella in Nepi, Italy. Taylor also received an honorable mention for his piece Touch/Still for cello and piano, by the Charles Ives Concert Series in Danbury, Connecticut. Taylor’s piece Half Light, was performed by Third Coast Percussion at the Tutti Festival in Denison University, Ohio, in March of 2019, and in Chicago at Constellation for their annual Currents concert series.

In 2010, during Taylor's undergraduate studies with Dr. Frank La Rocca, Taylor was awarded the annual Glen Glasow Fellowship Award for his overall body of work, and commissioned to produce a piano trio for the Redshift Ensemble. In 2015, Taylor was accepted on scholarship to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music to pursue his Masters Degree in Composition under the apprenticeship of Grammy award winning, Bay Area composer: Mason Bates.

Bates has praised Taylor as having a “great ear for harmony and texture”, and demonstrating “strong and compelling skills”. In 2016 Taylor began serving as a producer for the 2017 Hot Air Music Festival, a day long marathon of new music that operates annually at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. In March of 2017 Taylor was awarded second place in the coveted Highsmith Orchestral Composition competition for his three movement work for orchestra: California Nocturnes.

In 2018 Taylor joined the list of composers for Pop-Up Magazine, an organization that tells stories with musical accompaniment live on tour across the country, performed by members of Magik*Magik Orchestra.

Taylor is a member of the Oakland based film production company “Bone & Gold” where he serves as their in-house composer and creative collaborator.

A native of the Bay Area, Taylor lives in Oakland, near Mills College, and performs on drumset and percussion in and around San Francisco.

List of Works

Thread the Needle (2019)

Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, 15 minutes

Soft Rushes (2018)

2 violins, cello, bassoon, harpsichord, 5 minutes, 20 seconds


Touch/Still (2018)

Cello/Piano, 8 minutes


The Other Side of the Sky (2017)

flugelhorn, french horn, trombone, tuba, violin, viola, live electronics, 13 minutes


Half Light (2017) (ASCAP)

Percussion trio and electronics, 6 minutes, 10 seconds


California Nocturnes (Mists, Freeways, Sequoia) (ASCAP) (2016-2017)

Full Orchestra, 15 Minutes


In The Autumn Foliage (2016) (ASCAP)

String Quartet and Electronics, 5.30 Minutes


Painting Hieroglyphs (2016) (ASCAP)

Pierrot Ensemble, 18 Minutes


Smear Music (2014) (ASCAP)

String Quartet, 8 Minutes


Elements (Water, Air, Ether, Fire, Earth) (2013)

Solo Piano, 20 Minutes


Metropolis (Ascent, Contact, Descent) (2012) (ASCAP)

Piano, Violin, Clarinet, 15 Minutes

The Number of the Sirens as Two (2011)

Electric Bass and Vibraphone, 7 Minutes


Cerebral Cortex (2010) (ASCAP)

Mallet Quintet, 5 Minutes